Outdoor Leadership Qualification Review

Proposed suite of qualifications



Note: Further activity areas will be developed for inclusion as strands in the qualification suite after listing.



PROGRAMME AND STANDARDS – Consultation now open

Consultation is currently underway on the programme structure and Core unit standards for the Outdoor Leadership qualification suite. 


We are now seeking your feedback. This consultation is an opportunity for you and your organisation to provide feedback on the relevance of the standards before they are finalised.

Consultation closes 5pm Monday 31 July 2017.



Consultation survey


Core Outdoor Leadership Overview Document







Consultation was recently held on the programme structure and standards for the Mountain Biking and Alpine activity areas.  


Programmes are being developed for each activity area of the qualifications and will consulted on a later date:

  • Abseil
  • Bush
  • Caving
  • EOTC
  • Rafting
  • River Boarding
  • Rock Climbing




Qualification development status




Activity areas as strands


Activity areas that form part of the Outdoor Leadership suite as submitted to NZQA for listing





Submission to NZQA for listing on the NZQF


The draft Outdoor Leadership suite of qualifications were submitted to NZQA for listing on the New Zealand Qualifications Framework (NZQF) in February 2017. NZQA will advise the outcome of the submission in due course.


A copy of the draft qualifications, as submitted to NZQA, will be available soon.



Stage 2 consultation

Consultation was held during May-June 2016 on the proposed Outdoor Leadership suite of qualifications. These qualifications are designed for those working as a guide or instructor in the outdoor recreation industry.


A number of activity areas have been specified within the Outdoor Leadership qualifications at various levels.


Click on the icon below to access the full qualification matrix as consulted.



Qualification matrix - graduate profiles and related programme conditions                                                                                        


Go to each Activity area page to access a 'core plus context' version of the qualification matrix as consulted.


Activity areas in development for consultation at a later date









Possible activity areas for future development

  • Bridge/Canyon Swinging and Bungy Jumping
  • Canyoning
  • Coasteering
  • Horse Trekking
  • Wind Sports: Kite Surfing/Wind Surfing
  • Off road vehicles: Quad Biking/Off Road Vehicle Driving/Trail Biking


Stage 1 development


As submitted to NZQA in July 2013 for Approval to Develop.



Stage 1: NZ Certificate in Outdoor Leadership (Level 4) (60 credits)


Stage 1: NZ Certificate in Outdoor Instruction (Level 5) with strands (60 credits)         


Stage 1: NZ Certificate in Outdoor Senior Instruction (Level 6) (60 credits)




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