Workforce planning tools

Looking at the skills of your volunteers, staff, management and leadership is an important part of setting up your business to succeed. Many feel they do not have the people, time or tools to undertake workforce planning.


The tools below are designed to help you undertake workforce planning activities. It doesn’t need to be hard, and our Skills Active advisors are available to support you to meet your workforce planning needs. Each step in the workforce planning

process is described and templates are provided to help guide you through the planning process and capture your workforce planning information.


The templates can be changed and adapted to meet the needs of your business or organisation. Once you have gone through the five steps below, you will have a great set of resources and information that you can use to implement your workforce plan and update when things change.





What is



Good workforce planning habits will ensure that you have the right people with the right skills at the right time. Planning ahead will save you time, productivity and money.


Reviewing the workforce development needs of an organisation considers the skills, knowledge and behaviours that your people will need and how you can support them to develop these effectively.

The key steps in the workforce planning process are:


Step 1: Understanding your current and future business goals;


Step 2: Identifying the capacity and capability of your current workforce to meet these;


Step 3: Forecasting the capacity and capability of the workforce you think you will need;


Step 4: Identifying any gaps and using this information to guide the development your workforce strategy; and


Step 5: Reviewing and evaluating the strategy you've put in place.







Skills Active has developed these tools to help a variety of local, regional and national organisations navigate the workforce planning process.

'Basic' and 'comprehensive' templates have been developed to meet differing needs.


Depending on the level of information available to you, and your organisation’s HR systems and processes, you may choose to use either of these templates, or develop your own planning tools. 

If you feel you don’t have information available to fill out all the sections in the templates – don’t fret! Complete what you can and use these tools to facilitate conversations with your team around your future workforce needs. It’s important not to overcomplicate things and to start planning with the information you have.