Learning Solutions Team




Magda van der Walt - Resource Developer



Magda joined Skills Active in July 2016. She has a background in facilitation, stakeholder engagement and development in both the private training sector back in South Africa and ITO sector in New Zealand. Her development experience includes qualifications, programmes and unit standards, with supporting learning and assessment resources. She enjoys working with people and creative projects.

Outside of work she enjoys being active and particularly likes high intensity interval training and weightlifting. She has a keen interest in holistic health, wellness and nutrition. She loves cooking and can never say no to a good cup of coffee!


P 04 916 4442





Donna Hooper – Resource Developer



Donna joined Skills Active in January 2006, and is based in Christchurch. Donna has a background in the aquatics industry having worked as a lifeguard, Learn to Swim instructor and training co-ordinator.





Bridie Bright - Resource Designer and Publisher



Bridie joined Skills Active in June 2006 and is responsible for the design, layout, printing and stock management of Skills Active learning and assessment resources (print and e-based resources) to support the achievement of workplace based qualifications within the recreation, sport and fitness sectors.


Outside the office environment she is a novice quilter, hobby artist and is keen on using her camera on landscapes, people and fascinating objects.


P (04) 916 4390





Pat Thompson - Team Leader, Quality Solutions / Moderator & Assessor Liasion


Pat joined Skills Active in October 2010. Her career has been in early childhood education, adult education, workplace training, and quality assurance and management. 

She brings to her role a range of experiences that include project management, the development and maintenance of quality assurance systems working with NZQA, private training providers and other training and development organisations.

She has been an early childhood teacher, a workplace assessor, self-employed contractor and business owner, and has a passion for lifelong learning.

P (04) 916 8746

M 027 449 4691

E pat@skillsactive.org.nz


Heather Leslie – Moderator/Evaluator



Heather joined Skills Active in May 2012. She has an extensive involvement in the education sector, from primary teaching through to the tertiary sector. In the tertiary sector Heather has worked in PTEs and as a contract moderator for NZQA.

Joining Skills Active as a moderator/evaluator allows Heather to indulge in two of her passions, one being anything to do with recreation and sport (she could get excited about a game of tiddlywinks) and the other ensuring all learners have a fair and equitable opportunity to achieve qualifications.

P: (04) 916 8747


E: heather@skillsactive.org.nz



Caren Oliver – Moderator and Assessor Support


Caren joined Skills Active in July 2016. She has a varied background in the tertiary education sector with experience coming from private training providers, ITOs and various workplace training and development roles.


Caren has developed a passion for supporting assessors in their role through moderation feedback and being readily available to the assessor as required for advice. “Professional development and support for our ​assessors is very important to me.”


After hours she enjoys gardening, walking/jogging and spending time with her family. 


P: (04) 916 4440


E: caren@skillsactive.org.nz







Jeremy Busby - Moderator



Jeremy has worked in adult education since 1998, initially as a computing and business administration tutor, then in an assessor support role for an ITO. He then specialised in numeracy and literacy education in the PTE sector and then spent four years with the New Zealand Defence Force as a literacy and numeracy support tutor. For Jeremy, the best part of education is celebrating learner success.


Away from work he is heavily involved in umpiring cricket which he started as an 18-year-old in 1979.  He is still involved on the field at club level but his main focus now is as one of the NZ national training team.  He is also chairman of the Wellington cricket umpires and scorers body.


P: (04) 916 4386

E: jeremy@skillsactive.org.nz


Evelyn Moody - Qualification Review Team Leader

Evelyn joined Skills Active in November 2014. Evelyn initially trained as a teacher and has been involved with workplace training and assessment for the past 15 years, with the last 10 years spent in the NZ vocational education and training space. Evelyn brings 8 years experience from NZQA in the quality assurance of standards and national qualifications including an in-depth knowledge of TROQ. More recently Evelyn spent time in the ITO sector as an industry manager managing a complex portfolio of public sector clients, and leading and contributing to a number of TROQ reviews.


Outside of work Evelyn is busy raising a young family and enjoys catching up with friends and reading a good book.


P: (04) 382 3121


E: evelyn@skillsactive.org.nz



Nicole Shaw - Qualifications and Standards Developer



Nicole joined Skills Active in March 2017. She has a background in the government sector as a learning and development advisor at the Department of Corrections working within their Government Training Establishment. She then moved into the ITO sector working as a qualification developer for another ITO before making the move to Skills Active where she was able to combine her passion for sport and exercise with her ITO experience.

Outside of work Nicole enjoys keeping active by exploring the many tracks around Wellington with her greyhound, and running around the netball court or soccer field. 


P: (04) 916 4395


E: nicole@skillsactive.org.nz

Jenni Pethig - Resource Development Team Leader



Jenni has been involved in workplace training, qualification, standard and resource development for over 14 years with nine of them being with Sfrito and Skills Active. Jenni has worked with a range of Skills Active sectors and is passionate about increasing the value of recreation in the lives of all New Zealanders.


M 027 448 5797