Train Me


Learning new skills and gaining qualifications while you work is rewarding - you will feel more motivated, more valued and more confident! That's great for you, and great for your employer. Even your friends and family benefit when you enjoy your job and are confident and motivated - you will be a positive, happy person!


Gaining qualifications sets you on your career pathway. Employers need well-trained, qualified staff. Your qualification will be a stepping stone to your future, in New Zealand and around the world.

There are lots of benefits to achieving a qualification through Skills Active:

  • A rewarding career, with employment opportunities and job security

  • Nationally and internationally recognised qualifications

  • Opportunities for promotion

  • Job satisfaction

  • Recognition for being skilled in your industry

  • Improved knowledge and skills about your industry and your own workplace.

Skills Active has a number of qualifications to suit most levels of the recreation, sport and fitness sectors. Talk to your employer about workplace learning and what qualifications might be right for you.

One of our Learning Support Advisors can make a time to sit down with you and your employer to discuss training options.



Visit this section to download our credit card payment form, prospectus, training agreement form, course schedule, and our course registration form.