Getting Qualified

Industry training gives employees practical skills and competencies that are directly applicable to the work they do. This makes them more productive therefore making businesses more profitable. Training also makes employees feel more valued and boosts their morale, encouraging them to deliver a better service and stay in the job longer.

Research has shown a measurable improvement to bottom line profitability among businesses that undertake industry training.

Industry training also means employees can work towards nationally recognised qualifications without necessarily having to spend time and money going offsite for training. It’s ideal for those who have never done formal training before. It shows them that getting a qualification is achievable and, for some, encourages them to go on to higher learning and take that next step in their career.

Overall, workplace training:

  • Increases productivity

  • Improves staff retention and motivation

  • Adds credibility to businesses and products/services

  • Can assist in the structure and credibility of existing training programmes

  • Improves overall perception of the industry – seen as a professional and bona-fide career option

  • Can help meet health and safety requirements

  • Provides a low cost option to train and qualify staff

  • Upskills staff, improves practical abilities and improves quality and consistency of service/product.

Our 2011 Customer Satisfaction Survey shows that as a result of training:

  • 89% of workplaces believe their employees are becoming more confident and productive

  • 89% of workplaces believe Skills Active maintains good quality assurance standards in their qualifications

  • 90% of workplaces are satisfied with the training and assessment resources they are provided for their qualifications

  • 87% of employees are satisfied that their ongoing industry training with Skills Active is helping their skill development, which in turn is benefiting their employer

  • 91% of employees believe their qualification will be helpful for future roles.

Skills Active Qualification Pathway
The following qualifications are available through Skills Active (Click diagram to view larger version).

Your Learning Support Advisor will assist you in choosing which qualification is appropriate.