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How does Skills Active work with Schools?


For many people with a passion for recreation, sport and exercise, their career journey starts through the skills, knowledge and experience gained at school.


Skills Active is committed to working with schools to support the development of the future recreation, sport and exercise workforce. We provide the following support and activities specifically for schools:


Purchasing Resources


Skills Active offers schools the ability to purchase a license to use off-the-shelf resources for their students. These resources can be used as part of a Gateway programme or other organised school programme that provides an opportunity for students to explore careers in the Recreation, Sport and Exercise industries.


School and Workplace Partnerships


Skills Active has MoU arrangements available to support the delivery and assessment of Skills Active unit standards which are not suitable to be wholly delivered and assessed within a school environment and require the involvement of an industry partner.


Skills Active Youth Awards


The Skills Active Youth Awards are industry-approved programmes that foster connections between schools and employers, help young people to acquire work-relevant skills, and earn credits towards academic achievement.


Careers and Vocational Pathways


Skills Active supports the development of recreation, sport and exercise industry careers through the development of the Vocational Pathways and career tools.

Consent to Assess process


We support schools through the process of applying for consent to assess for Skills Active unit standards.




Pre- and post-assessment moderation of schools using Skills Active unit standards.

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