Literacy, Language and Numeracy (LLN)

New Zealand's economic success depends on having a flexible, skilled and adaptable workforce. Yet statistics show that:

  • 43% of New Zealand adults have low document literacy
  • 51% of New Zealand adults have low numeracy levels
  • 69% of people with low document literacy are employed.

This means many adults are below the minimum level needed to fully meet all of the everyday demands of modern work and life.


Giving your staff the opportunity to improve their literacy and numeracy levels will allow them to make a greater contribution to your organisation and to New Zealand's economic growth. Raising literacy and numeracy skills will lead to a more flexible, skilled and adaptable workforce and increased productivity.


CLICK HERE for an infosheet with tips and techniques for helping your employees grow and improve their workplace literacy skills.


What is workplace literacy?

Literacy means the reading, writing, speaking, listening, information technology, problem-solving and numeracy (maths) skills a person needs to do their job effectively.


Every job in the recreation, sport and fitness industries need these skills. Think about the tasks that your staff have to do every day:

  • Understand workplace rules and procedures
  • Fill out forms, contracts and time sheets
  • Write reports
  • Read notices, instructions, timetables or job sheets
  • Work on a computer
  • Calibrate equipment.

All of these tasks rely on good literacy skills. They have an effect on how well people can do their job, how they work with other people, and how quickly they learn new skills and take up new challenges.


How can Skills Active help?

Skills Active is committed to helping our sector ensure it has staff with the skills it needs today and for the future.


Every employee who signs up to a level 2 or level 3 qualification through Skills Active now gets their level in reading checked before they start their training, by doing a short computer-based assessment developed by the government for people involved in on-job training programmes.


Skills Active will help each employee to understand what the results mean and discuss any support they may need in literacy and numeracy.


As the employer, you will receive general information about literacy levels of employees in your workplace who have signed up for level 2 and level 3 qualifications. This will help you get a picture of any general issues that need to be addressed around reading, writing, numeracy and so on in your workplace. Your LSA will discuss the types of help that are available where staff may need it.


Training resources for level 2 and 3 qualifications delivered through Skills Active also have literacy and numeracy help ‘embedded’ in them, so trainees can enhance their literacy and numeracy skills as they complete their qualification.


Skills Active has produced EMPLOYER and EMPLOYEE brochures, as well as three LLN Profiles for you to view or download.


Foundation Fitness Skills Qualification L2 Profile



Visit this section to download some of our free resources that can assist you with your qualification through Skills Active.