Industry Register


The NZRRP is an easy-to-use register of qualified people working in the recreation, sport and fitness industries. It can be used by:

  • Members of the public looking for qualified professionals and facilities/organisations
  • Facilities/organisations to check the current status of their staff
  • Industry organisations to promote themselves and keep in touch with you.

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Activecv allows you to maintain an e-portfolio that can be updated with qualifications, work history, goals and personal statements, etc. Individuals seeking employment can format this into a CV that can be sent to potential employers. The CV can be downloaded or emailed as a pdf.


All qualifications, work and volunteer experience can be marked as "Verified" by the appropriate authority. It is from these verified qualifications that the NZRRP website displays qualified individuals.


Activecv is the solution for keeping all the relevant details in one place for the purpose of creating or updating your CV. It is a web-service which will enable you to view and manage all your qualifications, achievements and work experience from anywhere in the world.