Customer Commitment

Manaaki Tangata - Customer Service Policy

Skills Active is committed to providing quality services to its clients. Skills Active in every engagement will undertake to provide quality services by honouring the organisation’s values: Tika, Pono and Aroha and applying the values through the implementation of the organisation's Guiding Principles: Rangatiratanga, Wairuatanga, Manaakitanga, Kotahitanga and Kaitiakitanga. Please refer to the Tikanga Guide for an explanation of these.


The Tikanga Guide provides guidelines that outlines performance expectations of staff, and is used as a support and training tool for all staff.


To make these principles clear and relevant we have decided on seven simple commitments to internal and external clients that we call our customer promise. These are:

  1. Communicate with staff in a timely and appropriate way, including following up emails, phone messages and tasks in Kairangi (response, or acknowledgement with timeline for response, within 48 hours)
  2. Treat co-workers and customers with respect in all interactions, actively listening to feedback and responding with a solution-based focus
  3. Be accountable for things that you are responsible for and can influence
  4. Work positively with other members of the Senior Management Team, and wider Skills Active team, to achieve business goals and outcomes
  5. Act with honesty and integrity to raise and resolve issues, even if it is uncomfortable to do so
  6. Turn up to meetings prepared and on time, and contribute effectively
  7. Demonstrate a commitment to the guiding principle of biculturalism

To ensure that our clients know what to expect from us and when by, we have also made a Customer Commitment around timeframes of service which is as follows:


As a customer of Skills Active you can expect great service from us!

On receipt of fully completed documentation, here is our commitment to you:


Trainee Enrolment

We will process your training agreement within 10 working days.



You will receive your resources (if required) on receipt of your training agreement or credit reporting within 10 working days.


Credit Achievement

We will process your credit reporting form and acknowledge completion of the unit standards within 10 working days.


Awarding of Certificates and Cards

We will award your qualification or card when we receive your final credit reporting within 21 working days.


Assessor Application

We will advise the decision on your Assessor application within 21 working days. 

Note: This includes the time for a Senior Assessor Mentor (SAM) to review the application.


Assessor Registration

We will send an Assessor registration pack (including scope information and assessment resources) on confirmation of your Assessor registration from a Senior Assessor Mentor within 20 working days.


Assessor Scope Extension

We will advise the decision on your scope extension within 15 working days.

Note: This includes the time for a Senior Assessor Mentor to review the scope extension.


Notification of incorrect documentation

We will contact you if the documentation provided to us is not fully completed within 5 working days.


If we are not meeting these expectations we want to hear from you. Contact us on 0508 4SKILLS (475 4557) or