Cadet Forces Qualification Review

Proposed qualification




Development status




Stage 1 consultation


Consultation closed on 2 May 2014 for the review of the former National Certificate in Cadet Forces (Foundation Skills) as part of the wider Sport, Recreation and Fitness TRoQ. The purpose of the consultation was to seek feedback on the proposed New Zealand Certificate in Service Skills (Pre-entry) (Level 2).



New Zealand Certificate in Service Skills (Pre-entry) (Level 2) (40 credits)          



Qualification background


This Level 2 certificate was initially developed to recognise the learning that occurs outside the formal secondary school education system for those young New Zealanders enrolled with the New Zealand Cadet Forces (NZCF). It serves as a valid vocation pathway to NZ's Defence Force.

Through the review process it was identified that there are three distinct stakeholder groups who deliver or wish to deliver programmes to achieve this qualification. To accommodate the needs of these stakeholder groups we have created broad outcome statements to allow programmes to be delivered through the NZCF, secondary school based Service Academies, and PTE’s.




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