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Submission to NZQA for listing on the NZQF

Skills Active, on behalf of the Performing Arts Governance Group, submitted the suite of Performing Arts qualifications, excluding Performing Arts Management, to NZQA for listing on the NZ Qualifications Framework (NZQF) in February 2016.

NZQA will advise the outcome of the submission in due course, in the meantime, please click on the PDF icon below to access the draft Entertainment and Event Technology qualifications as submitted to NZQA. 


Draft E&E Technology qualifications submitted to NZQA - February 2016 

Stage 2 consultation


The consultation round is now complete for the following proposed qualifications:

  • NZ Certificate in Entertainment and Event Operations (Level 3)
  • NZ Certificate in Entertainment and Event Technology (Level 4)
  • NZ Diploma in Entertainment and Event Technology (Level 6)


Qualification matrix (updated July 2015)                                                                                                 


These qualifications have been developed for the entertainment and event technology industry by Skills Active Aotearoa in partnership with Entertainment Technology New Zealand (ETNZ).


Consultation was conducted on the Skills Active and ETNZ websites from 20 - 28 October 2014. A series of ETNZ consultation meetings were held in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch with a combined total of 104 people from the Entertainment Technology industry.


Feedback on the proposed qualifications was very positive with many respondents endorsing the qualifications without further comment.

'There has been an immense amount of time and energy poured into this process, or which, we the industry, will only ever see the surface of. Also the bulk of the work has been created/undertaken in a short space of time, Thank you!'

'This qualification is long overdue for our industry. Well done to all concerned in developing this.'

The key points raised during the consultation process and the actions taken as a result have been summarised in the below Summary of Consultation Feedback document.



Summary of consultation feedback                                                                 



Unit standard consultation


Consultation on the Entertainment and Event Technology unit standards has closed.


A set of core unit standards have been developed, along with sets for each of the following strands:

  • Entertainment Rigging
  • Lighting
  • Video
  • Live Sound
  • Stage Management
  • Stage Mechanics
  • Scenic Construction

These unit standards form the basis of programmes leading to the three Entertainment and Event Technology qualifications.


These standards have been designed for use in demonstrating the industry-specific skills and knowledge required within the qualifications. Any programme developed would also require the inclusion of other standards to capture the more generic and transferable skill sets such as health and safety, risk management, team work and communication skills.


The consultation period was 15 July - 9 August 2015.


Click on the icons below to download the draft unit standards. 



Draft unit standards (complete set, 117 pages)                                              


Unit standards by strand:





Entertainment Rigging                                  






Live Sound 


Stage Management 


Stage Mechanics


Scenic Construction




Sector Reference Group


The Sector Reference Group (SRG) provides strategic advice and direction to Skills Active to support the development of qualifications to meet the current and future industry, sector and community needs.


SRG members:

  • Andrew Gibson, Entertainment Production Services
  • Dale Henderson, Events Tauranga Ltd
  • Glen Crighton, Auckland Live
  • Graeme Philip, John Herber Ltd
  • Kathryn Osborne, Royal NZ Ballet
  • Leona van der Heyden, Skills Active Aotearoa
  • Rob Peters, Theatre Systems and Design Ltd
  • Stephen Fairweather, Philips Selecon
  • Vicki Cooksley, Entertainment Production Services

To view the Performance Technology SRG Terms of Reference click here



Technical Advisory Groups


The Technical Advisory Groups (TAGs) provide technical expertise to support the development of qualifications to meet the current and future industry, sector and community needs.


To view the Performance Technology Technical Advisor Terms of Reference click here




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