After Certification


Certification is awarded upon the successful completion of an OutdoorsMark audit.


What Skills Active does:

  • Emails final audit documents to you.
  • If your activities are subject to the Adventure Activities Regulations, provides WorkSafe with the necessary information to enable registration.
  • Adds your operation to the list of OutdoorsMark certified operations on NZRRP website
  • Provides you with marketing material to promote your certification status.

What you do:

  • Read your report and, if you have any queries about the findings and/or outcomes, contact OutdoorsMark as soon as possible.
  • Check that your details are correct.
  • Place the OutdoorsMark logo on your information material.

The years 'in between'


For most operations, OutdoorsMark certification is valid for three years. Therefore, there are two years where you and Skills Active will need to make sure your operation complies with OutdoorsMark requirements.


To do this, you must conduct regular internal reviews of your operation.


Your final report will outline the surveillance activity you can expect. This could include a Surveillance Audit and/or a Declaration of Conformity.


Extending or reducing your scope


Your certification is based on an audited scope of activities. If you choose to extend or reduce the scope of the activities you provide, you must contact Skills Active at the soonest opportunity.


Reducing, suspending or withdrawing certification


When a non-conformity with certification requirements is proven, either as a result of surveillance or otherwise, Skills Active will consider and decide upon the appropriate action:

  • Continuation of certification under specified conditions
  • Reduction in the scope of certification, for example, removing an adventure activity
  • Suspension of certification pending rectification of the non-conformity
  • Withdrawal of certification.

If certification is suspended, Skills Active will communicate to you what actions are needed to end suspension and restore certification, and any other actions required by OutdoorsMark.


Renewing your certification


Renewing your existing certification involves undergoing a re-certification audit.


We suggest you contact OutdoorsMark 3 months prior to your expiry date to ensure continuation of your certification and registration.