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At Your Service Aotearoa - BERL Report


This report outlines the size and value of New Zealand's service industries, including sport and recreation, health, aged care, social services, retail, hospitality, hair and beauty, and more - represented by Skills Active and its fellow ITOs Careerforce, HITO and ServiceIQ.

Workforce Scan 2018


This is the most up-to-date and comprehensive research available on New Zealand's sport and recreation industries and the workforce that drives them. Individual chapters are below.



Exercise Industry Scan 2018






Sport and Recreation Industry Scan 2018






Outdoor Recreation Industry Scan 2018






Snowsport Industry Scan 2018






Performing Arts Industry Scan 2018






Dive Industry Scan 2018






Workforce Transformation in Action 2018







Workforce Planning Framework


This Workforce Planning Framework outlines how Sport New Zealand, the New Zealand Recreation Association (NZRA) and Skills Active will work with sport and recreation partners to make research and information available; provide advice, support, guidelines and resources; and raise awareness and promote workforce planning practices.



BERL Report 2013


BERL Economics reports on the current size and make-up of New Zealand’s sport and recreation sector workforce, as well as its future outlook through to 2026. This report was commissioned by Sport NZ in collaboration with Skills Active and New Zealand Recreation Association (NZRA).