Technical Advisory Groups (TAGs)

Skills Active has engaged technical and industry experts to form Technical Advisory Groups (TAGs) in a variety of areas.


The role of the TAGs is to provide detailed and technical input into the development of the qualifications as industry experts for the Sector Reference Group endorsement and industry consultation.


Techical Advisory Groups (TAGs) have been set up for the following qualification review areas:

  • Core Skills
  • Dive
  • Entertainment & Event Technology
    • Lighting
    • Live Sound
    • Rigging
    • Scenic Construction
    • Stage Management
    • Stage Mechanics
    • Video 
  • Exercise
  • Multi-Sector (PAN)
  • Outdoor Recreation
    • Defence and Services
    • Outdoor Activity Supervisor
    • Outdoor Experiences
    • Outdoor Leadership contexts
      • Core
      • Adventure Based Learning (incl Low Ropes)
      • Alpine/Mountaineering
      • Bush
      • Caving
      • EOTC
      • High Wire
      • Hunting/Fishing
      • Mountain Biking
      • Rafting and River Boarding
      • Rock Climbing/Abseil
      • Sea Kayaking
      • White Water Kayaking / Canoeing
    • Outdoor Multi-Skilled
  • Performing Arts
    • Performing Arts General
    • Performing Arts Instruction
  • Recreation Safety
  • Snow
    • Alpine Resort Operations
    • Avalanche
    • Snowsport Equipment
    • Snowsport Grooming/Snowmaking
    • Snowsport Instruction
    • Snowsport Patrol
    • Snowsport Technical Operations
  • Sport and Recreation
    • Aquatics
    • Facility Operations
    • Sport Officiating, Coaching, & Instruction
    • Sport, Recreation and Community


Terms of Reference


Each Technical Advisor has agreed to the Technical Advisor Terms of Reference.  Click on the PDF icon below to download a copy of the Technical Advisor Terms of Reference.



Technical Advisor Terms of Reference