Tips for employers using ActiveCV

Tips for employers using Active CV:

  • Register your workplace with ActiveCV
  • Search for and link staff to your organisation
  • Keep an eye on when your staff's registrations are due to expire (range of reports available)
  • Help staff meet the re-registration reqirements before their registration expires
  • Provide the right NZRRP Re-registration form for staff to complete (available from
  • Choose the payment option that works for you (credit card, invoice, or pre-paid code) NOTE: if you require an invoice, this may take time to process, and NZRRP registrations will not be updated until payment is cleared. The fastest way to re-register people is paying by credit card and/or buying pre-paid codes and allocating them to staff
  • Your employees can either upload their forms via their own personal ActiveCV logins, or you can send/email the completed form to Skills Active
  • Check to see NZRRP has updated once payment has cleared
  • Keep up regular ongoing training and professional development for your staff so they remain current, and monitor ActiveCV reports for when your staff are next due to re-register.