All schools and TEOs who have consent to assess against Skills Active’s managed unit standards have a commitment to maintain quality management systems. This includes participating in moderation processes for their assessment materials and assessed work.


Moderation is the process of ensuring that assessment practices are valid, consistent and fair, and at the national standard. Ultimately we are looking to ensure that schools and TEOs are making consistent and reliable judgements about candidates’ assessed work.






This is achieved through having an effective external moderation system.

Moderation requirements are set out in the following Consent and Moderation Requirements (CMR) documents.

  • Ref: 0099 – for Community Recreation, Environment, Outdoor Recreation and Nga Mahi a te Rehia, Snowsport, Sport, Fitness, and Diving
  • Ref: 0102 – for Outdoor Recreation and Nga Mahi a te Rehia
  • Ref: 0069 – for Fitness
  • Ref: 0050 – for Outdoor Equipment, Snowsport and Driving

The key principles that underpin our external moderation programme are:

  • support assessment that is fair, valid and consistent and at the national standard
  • support ‘good practice’ assessment, which includes using an integrated approach to assessment, based around an evidence collection model
  • protect the integrity of the industry sector qualifications
  • recognise the intellectual property rights of those submitting information and ensure total confidentiality and security of all submissions.

Skills Active External Moderation System


There are two components to the Skills Active external moderation system:

  1. Pre-assessment moderation
  2. Post-assessment moderation

Pre-assessment moderation

All assessment material must be pre-moderated prior to use. There are two options available with regards to the use of assessment material:

  1. Purchase Skills Active Aotearoa assessment resources, thereby reducing the need for pre-assessment moderation.
  2. Submit assessment materials to Skills Active for pre-assessment moderation, prior to use. Charges apply for pre-assessment moderation and are noted in the relevant Skills Active Consent and Moderation Requirements (CMR).

Post- assessment moderation

Skills Active completes post-assessment moderation quarterly as per the CMR. The frequency of schools’ and TEOs' moderation will depend on their credit reporting activity, previous moderation outcomes, and the risk level of unit standards.


The selection of unit standards for post-assessment moderation will be informed by:


  • unit standards that are to be assessed for the first time
  • unit standards that have been reviewed in the last twelve months
  • a spread of domains, levels and high use unit standards
  • unit standards that have a potential health and safety risk
  • any industry concerns.

Skills Active publishes an annual Moderation and Support Plan, this outlines moderation processes and moderation events.


Skills Active Post-assessment Moderation Process


Post assessment moderation will be conducted using postal moderation and/or Cluster Group Moderation.


Postal Moderation

Postal moderation is the main moderation event Skills Active presently uses for External Moderation:

  1. Skills Active will request, in writing, samples of materials from TEOs and Schools who have conducted assessments. Skills Active accepts hard copies of assessment material and learner samples and electronic copies.
  2. TEOs and Schools will have four weeks to supply the requested assessment samples to Skills Active Wellington Office.
  3. Assessment samples moderated by Skills Active Moderators and a moderation report completed.
  4. Moderation reports and assessment materials will be returned to the TEO Moderation Liaison or the School’s Principal’s Nominee.
  5. Where significant issues are identified during moderation, the moderator may contact the TEO or School to discuss these before completing their report.

Cluster Group Moderation


Skills Active is offering cluster group moderation for TEOs and schools in selected locations. Please refer to the event details.


Moderation materials

Please send all materials for moderation to:

Quality Solutions Team
Skills Active
PO Box 2183
Wellington 6140

OR email:


Forms and Templates

External Moderation Plan 2017