Step 1: Business context and environment

Step 1: Business context and environment


Workforce planning needs to be directly linked to your business goals. It’s important to have a good understanding of the current environment that your business is operating in, and your future business goals. Your workforce needs to be equipped to do its job now and in the future. Understanding where you are going will help you plan your workforce needs, and turn your goals into reality.


To begin looking at your business context and environment, ask yourself the following questions:


What are our business goals?

  • What are our short, medium and long-term business goals, and what is our vision?
  • Who are our customers and who will our customers be in ten years’ time?

What are the internal and external factors that may have an impact on us reaching these goals?

  • Where are we heading? Are we planning any significant changes, are we introducing new ways of working, are we anticipating future growth or downsizing?
  • What is happening outside of our business that might affect us? Are there any industry trends or changes, economic conditions or market shifts that will impact our business?
  • What is happening within our business, and how is this affecting us?

What does this mean for our workforce?

  • What workforce skills and capability will we need to meet our business goals?
For more information about what is happening in your industry and how it may impact your business needs, contact one of our Skills Active advisors.


Templates available:


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