Cycle education system development

NZ Transport Agency and the Accident Compensation Corporation have approved funding to jointly implement a national cycling education system, as part of the Safe System approach and the Cycling Safety Action Plan.


After a 12-month investigation into improving cycling education, the preferred option is to establish a national system that can provide quality assurance, expand the reach of cycling education to both children and adults, build awareness of available training and provide a framework for monitoring and evaluation. The investigation involved a wide range of stakeholders, including an expert team that visited from the UK.

Skills Active and NZTA engaged in early 2017 on a project to meet the National Cycle Education System (NCES) needs.

This included the development of a qualification and the qualification of instructors, assessors and Senior Assessor Mentors (SAMS). We also engaged in the development of a quality assurance system for providers of NCES.

For more information about the initiative please contact us.