Our quality assurance services

Skills Active has quality assurance systems in place which ensure that schools and providers are able to deliver quality programmes that are fairly and consistently assessed. 

Our quality assurance services are about effective monitoring systems and processes to make sure assessments against our unit standards are fair, valid and consistent, and meet industry and NZQA standards.

We help organisations gain consent to assess against the New Zealand standards, and support external moderation. We also consult with providers looking for NZQA approval for a programme of study leading to a New Zealand qualification. 

This ensure that assessment decisions across all organisations are consistent with the national standards.

Consent and moderation

School and providers that want to assess someone against any of our unit standards you need consent to assess. Getting this consent involves preparing and submitting an application to NZQA, and getting a letter of support from us. We've got more information on this on our consent to assess page.

We also play a part in making sure you maintain quality management systems, to ensure quality assessment standards are kept.   

The requirements for consent and moderation are different for different industries - you'll need to read through the requirement documents that are relevant to the material you are planning to deliver. The requirements documents are put together by us, with the help of industry, and listed on the NZQA website. 

Find the Consent and Moderation Requirements (CMR) documents you're looking for, by searching for the reference number  here.

Ref: 0099 - for Community Recreation, Environment, Outdoor Recreation and Nga Mahi a te Rehia, Snowsport, Fitness

Ref: 0102 – for Outdoor Recreation and Nga Mahi a te Rehia

Ref: 0069 – for Fitness

Ref: 0180 - for Diving

Ref: 0050 – for Outdoor Equipment, Snowsport and Driving

You can find out more details about the consent and moderation processes in the following pages

Provider programme approval

Sometimes tertiary providers will choose to deliver a programme of study that leads to one of our qualifications. 

If this is you, you'll need to apply to NZQA for approval of your programme. Approved programmes can only be delivered by accredited providers, so you might also need to look at the accreditation process too!

We've got a part to play in this process, making sure that the designed programme fits with the qualification. You can read more information about this here.

Find out more about how these processes work

Consent to assess

Consent to assess is awarded to an organisation when it has shown it is capable of delivering an approved course or assessing against unit standards. 


Schools and providers who have consent to assess any of our programmes need to participate in moderation to ensure consistent and fair assessment practice across the board.

Provider programme approval

This is for providers who need approval for a programme they have designed to fit with a qualification Skills Active has developed. 

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