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Aimee Froud

General manager - People and Culture (Group)


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Aimee has a very eclectic CV, which is the result of her completing a theatre degree (which basically means she's good at making things up). She spent seven years at Wellington Airport, falling into HR and working her way up to GM People and Culture.

Just when life was going really swimmingly, she had an epiphany at a wellness retreat and decided to quit her great job and leave her very nice life in Wellington to go travelling.

Almost five years later, (largely thanks to Covid), she is living back in Wellington and while she spends a lot of time reminiscing about when she lived on a tropical island and was warm, she is very happy to be part of the Skills Active whānau. She is counting down the days until she can get to Melbourne to visit Rosie, her magnificent niece and back to Sri Lanka to see Sherlock, her menace of a dog.