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Brent Perrin

Data coordinator



Brent joined Skills Active in 2021 as a temporary cover to help with the busy ski season. He has been in NZ since 2019, and has picked up typical traveller jobs whilst on the move (fruit picking, hospitality). It has been a while since he was in an office environment but it is nice to be back and it still feels very familiar. Brent's background is in law, specifically Wills, Powers of Attorney and Probate.

Brent is from Carlisle which is in the very northwest corner of England though he has lived in Bristol for much of the last decade. He counts himself very lucky to have been in this part of the world during covid times. He has been travelling with his partner and spent a lot of time in a van exploring the South Island. They both fancied some city life and are now planning to be in Wellington until the end of their visas.

Brent really enjoys bouldering at indoor climbing centres, though this has been harder to do regularly whilst travelling. His main hobby these days is chess and he has been able to participate in competitions around NZ and has recently joined Wellington Chess Club.