Assessors play a vital role in ensuring the quality and consistency of skills and knowledge in a workplace. They determine whether trainees have the competencies required to gain qualifications. Whether you're an assessor, or wish to become one, you'll find all the information you need in this section.

About on-job assessment

Skills Active's training and assessment system allows for trainees to be assessed while they are doing their job.

Key assessment roles

There are three important roles in the world of assessment: evidence verifier, assessor and senior assessor mentor. Find all the info here about these roles, how to become an assessor and ongoing requirements.


Looking for one of our forms or guide documents? We've got them all here.

Internal moderation

Moderation is a quality assurance system designed to achieve valid, fair and consistent assessment decisions. Find out about moderation, and access our moderation plan.

My toolbox

Your Pathway 

Explore the range of exciting careers available in the sport and recreation industries with Tou Aratika - our digital career mapping tool. 


ActiveCV lets you create a portfolio of qualifications, work history, goals and personal statements and keep it up to date with the click of a button.

Assessor Portal

Registered assessors can use the Assessor Portal to report credits, view trainees' progress and contact information, and access information about their registration and assessor scope.  


Need some more information? Here's a quick link to the information and forms you might be looking for.


NZRRP is an independent public register that recognises the qualifications and experience of New Zealand's sport and recreation professionals. 

Moderation dates and reports

Moderation achieves valid, fair and consistent assessment decisions across all assessors. You'll find our future moderation dates and past reports here

Assessor workshop schedule

All new assessors must attend an assessor workshop as part of their training. We've got our schedules here. 

Assessor-specific requirements

For some qualifications, Assessor-Specific Requirements (ASRs) must be met in order for an assessor to add the qualification to their scope. 


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Support and documents

What support will I have?

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