Step 1: Setting up assessment

Our first step is always to work with an organisation to figure out out what assessment model will fit best for the trainee and workplace. 

When a trainee signs up to a qualification, one of our advisors will sit down with the workplace and work out how the trainee will be assessed and who will be supporting them.

Identifying the assessor

This is where you come in! We need to find the right person to do the assessment. 

Some trainees will have an assessor in their workplace, while others will have a roving assessor - this is a external person contracted in by the workplace or through Skills Active, to do the assessment. There's more information about these roles, here.

Before someone can do assessments they need to go thorugh a process to ensure:

They are registered with Skills Active to do assessments

They hold the right scope to assess the unit standards being assessed

They have the resources and capacity to undertake the assessments. 

It might also be necessary for us to identify someone who will help the assessor observe, record and verify evidence that the trainee is demonstrating particular skills and knowledge.

Finding an evidence verifier is important for situations where an assessor is not present to watch a trainee carry out tasks. Or where someone else is better suited to watch a trainee consistently and repeatedly performing assessment tasks.

Once an assessment model has been sorted, the trainee is enrolled and they have their resources - then it's time to prepare for assessment. 


Step 2: Assessing the trainee