Step 3: Review and moderation

The last part of the process is for assessors to review their assessment practice and engage in moderation.   

Having a good review process lets you the assessor check that your assessment processes work for the trainee, the workplace and yourself. It's where you can take feedback from trainees, supervisors/managers and verifiers, and use it to keep on improving your practices. 

Assessors are required to take part in moderation on an annual basis. Participating in moderation ensures assessments occur in a consistent and well-designed way. It's a way for us to make sure all assessors who assess a particular unit standard are using comparable assessment methods and are making similar and consistent judgments about trainees. We have more information about our moderation processes here.

What's next? Hit repeat and find another trainee to assess!

Key assessment roles

There are three important roles in the world of assessment: evidence verifier, assessor and senior assessor mentor. Find all the info here about these roles, how to become an assessor and ongoing requirements.

Internal moderation

Moderation is a quality assurance system designed to achieve valid, fair and consistent assessment decisions. Find out about moderation, and access our moderation plan.