Internal moderation

Moderation is a quality assurance system designed to achieve valid, fair and consistent assessment decisions across all assessors, in all situations. Find out about moderation, and access our moderation plan below.

Ultimately, our assessor moderation system strives to ensure that assessors are making consistent and reliable judgments about trainees.

Internal moderation is the process of ensuring consistency from our assessors as they assess against the national standards.

It also allows us to identify where there is a need to improve assessment, and get feedback from assessors on our standards and how they are interpreted.

Moderation is one of the things you need to do to stay registered as an assessor. But you only need to attend one moderation event each year for each area of your scope. If you can't attend, you need to let us know. 

What does it involve?

Moderation might include one or more different activities.

Depending on the industry, our internal moderation can include: assessor forums, observed assessment moderation or postal moderation.

An assessor forum gives assessors the chance to compare and critique one another’s assessment skills through peer moderation. It provides an opportunity for assessors to check that their decisions are in line with those of other assessors. It also gives assessors the chance to observe best practice, generate new ideas, learn about different approaches to assessment and work through any issues.

Observed moderation involves an observed assessment with one of our senior assessor mentors and moderator. And postal moderation is a matter of sending in samples of assessment materials.

You can find more details about our moderation process in our annual moderation plan, below.

Non-compliance with moderation

If you don't comply with a moderation request from us, we follow a non-compliance process: 

First we'll get in touch with you in writing

In general, corrective action can be taken at this point, and we'll strive to work with you to get to a positive outcome

However, if non-compliance remains an issue we will take further action, which could include assessor de-registration.


Your moderation

Internal moderation plan 

Find out what you need to do and how it's all going to work. Our annual internal moderation plan outlines our approach to moderation for the year. 



Find out more

We want the best for our workplaces and learners, so we ensure that our moderation system aligns to the current Best practice moderation principles and Best practice assessment principles.

Talk to us

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