Senior assessor mentors

Senior assessor mentors (SAMs) are a big support to our assessors. They're in place to support the overall robustness and integrity of Skills Active assessor training and registration. They are the experts in everything related to assessment! 

Key responsibilities of a SAM 

Our senior assessor mentors have a really important role across industries. If you're keen to be one of our SAMs, you'll be recognised as a role model within your field. In the role,  you will be: 

Supporting and approving the registration of new (trainee) assessors, including pre-screening 

Providing support and mentoring to new assessors 

Supporting and approving scope for assessors - both initial and extensions 

Providing technical support to moderation activities, through a mixture of paper-based, observed and cluster approaches 

Conducting assessment of Recognition of Current Competency (RCC) with trainees 

Providing technical support to accreditation applications, including provider site visits.  


SAMs will be called upon from time to time to contribute to the development of qualifications, pathways and learning/assessment material. 

How to become a SAM 

All of our SAMs have experience as an assessor and meet the criteria we've put together with industry.

We've got a robust process in place for people wanting to register as one of our SAMs. Check out our 2020 SAM handbook and SAM application form for more information. The process might be different across different industries, and you'll need to meet different requirements. 

You'll need to make sure you meet the Assessor-Specific Requirements, which we've put together with industry. These are different for different industries and different qualifications. Have a good read of them here.

Our SAMs need to:

Be registered Skills Active assessors, and actively assessing accepted industry standards for at least two years

Have current expertise and scope in the appropriate qualifications OR provide evidence that they meet the Assessor-Specific Requirements for a particular assessor scope

Participate and be compliant with Skills Active moderation

Be a recognised role model within the sector  

Have well-developed verbal and written communication skills 

Have recent working knowledge of industry issues 

Have strong networking skills to engage with industry stakeholders

Have a commitment to the development of the industry

Be available and have time to fulfil the obligations of the role 

Be able to meet any industry-specific SAM requirements.

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Evidence verifiers

An evidence verifier is the assessor's sidekick. They use a range of methods to  observe, collect and verify evidence that a trainee has the skills and knowledge required to gain our qualification 


Assessors judge whether trainees have the skills and knowledge required to gain nationally-recognised qualifications.

Get in touch

If you've got any questions about how this process works, get in touch with one of our regional advisors! We're here to help wherever we can to make this process a breeze.