We provide plenty of support for our assessors and their trainees. It starts with our Learning Support Advisors, who help make the on-job qualification process clear and simple, and extends to mentoring, support materials, and useful online tools.


Assessor information

Assessor-specific requirements (ASRs)

For some qualifications, assessor-specific requirements (ASRs) must be met in order for an assessor to add the qualification to their scope. 


Looking for one of our forms or guide documents? We've got them all here.

Assessor training workshops

We welcome applications for new assessors where there is an identified need from industry. All new assessors need to complete a workshop as part of their training.

Moderation plan and dates

Moderation achieves valid, fair and consistent assessment decisions across all assessors. You'll find our future moderation dates and past reports here.

Learning support

  • Learning support advisors
  • SAM mentoring
  • Assessor support

Online tools

  • Skills Activator
  • Assessor portal
  • ActiveCV
  • Your Pathway

Help and tips on using your portal

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Internal appeals process for Skills Active assessors

Sometimes Skills Active may make a moderation or assessment decision, or a non-compliance ruling, that the assessor, SAM, trainee or workplace wishes to appeal.

We have a set process to manage appeals and complaints. In the first instance, though, we always encourage our stakeholders to see if they can work through the issues with us, via communication, support and joint problem-solving. 

If those efforts don't work out, then we can move on to the formal appeals process to manage the conflict. Click the link above to find out how the process works.

Other Skills Active materials