Assessor training workshops

We welcome applications for new assessors where there is an identified need from industry. Whether via a webinar or face-to-face, all new assessors need to attend a workshop as part of their training. If you're interested in going to a workshop, give us a shout.

Below, you can find our updated assessor training schedule for 2020. Please note that initially the workshops will be run as webinars. From mid-July, we will begin to consider in-person workshops, on a case-by-case basis. We’ll be guided by the alert level and restrictions that are in place at the time.

If we get a special request for a workshop, a larger group, or an industry-specific group, we will do our best to run a face-to-face workshop, if the restrictions allow.

A webinar will take place over two days, while a face-to-face workshop will be completed in one day. If we opt for an in-person workshop, this may replace the existing webinar that was planned, or we may run both.

Keep in mind that our dates do change depending on demand - so look out for updates. This is because in order to deliver a quality training experience, we need a minimum of four attendees for a webinar, and eight for a face-to-face workshop.
Have a chat to one of our friendly learning support advisors to see if assessing is the right option for you.
And please get your application form in six weeks before the event date, so there is plenty of time to confirm details and make travel arrangements. 

Workshop schedule

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Please note that all workshops have been scheduled as webinars, but from mid-July, we may switch to face-to-face workshops.
A webinar will take place over two days, while a face-to-face workshop will be completed in one day.
Dates will be adjusted in the event of a switch to a face-to-face workshop.

17 June | Webinar for aquatics and community recreation assessors – Recognition of Current Competency

29-30 June | Webinar for attendees of cancelled Auckland workshop in March

14-15 July | Webinar for new applicants

15-16 July | Webinar for NZ Rugby League | Auckland, if face-to-face

29-30 July | Webinar

12-13 August  | Webinar | Christchurch, if face-to-face

16-17 September | Webinar | Auckland, if face-to-face

21-22 October | Webinar | TBC

18-19 November | Webinar | Wellington, if face-to-face

16-17 December | Webinar

Express your interest

 If you're interested in attending a session or you have any questions contact your regional advisor, or

P   0508 4 SKILLS (0508 475 4557)