Online tools

Our online solutions help you take your qualifications everywhere you go. Our online portals and professional toolbox are great ways to keep up to date with your work and trainees. 

Skills Active portals 

When you begin training to become an assessor, you can login and use the Trainee Portal. Here, you can access information about your training, track your progress and receive support. 

Once you are a registered assessor, you'll gain access to the Assessor Portal. Here, you will be able to report credits, view trainees' progress and contact information, and access information about your registration and assessor scope.  

Assessor portal video guide

Your Pathway

We have captured information about more than 70 of the diverse and interesting roles that our industries offer. Check out Tōu Aratika - our digital career pathway tool - to explore the exciting opportunities in the sport, recreation and performing arts industries.   


Looking for a simple online space where you can manage and update your qualifications, achievements, log books and work experience from anywhere in the world? Say hello to ActiveCV     

ActiveCV lets you create a portfolio of qualifications, work history, goals and personal statements that you can keep up to date with the click of a button.   

It’s great for those who want to create a current, professional CV that can be easily updated, downloaded, and sent directly to potential employers.

But it’s a whole lot more! The professional toolbox will let you manage your continuing professional development information, apply for industry jobs, and formally verify your experience and qualifications.      

We’re always doing a whole bunch of developments with ActiveCV to make sure it does what you need it to. So, come check it out.     


The New Zealand Register of Recreation Professionals is an independent public register which recognises the qualifications and experience of a number of sport and recreation professionals in New Zealand. From guides to lifeguards, instructors to assessors, and more.

The NZRRP website lets members of the public see who is qualified and whether they have kept their qualifications current to industry standards.

NZRRP was designed to protect the public from sport and recreation professionals who do not hold relevant qualifications. It’s also there to recognise the qualifications and skills of sport and recreation professionals.     

Once you become a registered assessor, you will be registered on NZRRP.  

Did you know ActiveCV and NZRRP work together?! So, keeping your ActiveCV account up to date will automatically update your information on NZRRP.

Learning support

  • Learning support advisors
  • SAM mentoring
  • Assessor support


We offer a range of support systems, tools and resources for our assessors and their trainees.