At every stage of the industry training process, we provide a broad range of support for our assessors, so that they in turn can provide top-notch support to our learners. Click the headings to find out more.


Assessor-specific requirements (ASRs)

For some qualifications, assessor-specific requirements (ASRs) must be met in order for an assessor to add the qualification to their scope. 


Looking for one of our forms or guide documents? We've got them all here.

Support people

The workplace

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Whether you are a workplace assessor or a contracted assessor, your learner’s workplace has a commitment to support them and you throughout the industry training process. Reach out to the workplace manager or training supervisor if you need their help.

Learning support advisors 

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Skills Active learning support advisors are located all over the motu. They are the central connection point between the learner, assessor, workplace and Skills Active. Once you are an assessor you will be assigned a learning support advisor – your go-to person for any queries related to Skills Active. They know our industries, qualifications and assessment processes inside out. You can find everyone on our Learning Support team right here.

Senior assessor mentors (SAMs)

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SAMs draw on their extensive experience to support and guide assessors. They approve the registration of trainee assessors, and provide mentoring to newly registered assessors. Once you begin the assessor training process, you will be assigned a SAM from your industry who will be there to help with questions and advice.

Assessor liaison

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If you need advice on anything related to assessment or moderation, get in touch with our assessor liaison. Their job is to support assessors, so don't be shy about getting in touch.

Assessor training workshops

All new assessors need to attend a workshop as part of their training. Our assessor training workshops usually take place as webinars, so that candidates can complete their initial training at home over the course of one day.

In order to deliver a quality training experience, we need a minimum of four attendees for a webinar. As a result, our dates sometimes change depending on demand. Before a candidate applies for a workshop, Skills Active will first ensure there is an industry need for a new assessor. For this reason we will invite candidates to apply. However, if you want to become an assessor, have a chat to one of our friendly learning support advisorsto talk it through.

2022 workshop schedule:

6 April  | Webinar | Applications close  11 March 

18 May | Webinar | Applications close  22 April 

1July | Webinar | Applications close 3 June 

10 August | Webinar | Applications close 15 July 

21 September  | Webinar | Applications close 26 August 

2 November | Webinar | Applications close 7 October 

Online tools

Skills Active Assessor Portal

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Once you are a registered assessor, you'll have access to the Assessor Portal. Here, you can report credits, view learners’ progress and contact information, and access information about your registration and assessor scope.   

Check out our handy video guide on How to use your Assessor Portal.

New Zealand Register of Recreation Professionals (NZRRP)

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The New Zealand Register of Recreation Professionals is an independent public register which recognises the qualifications and experience of sport and recreation professionals in New Zealand.

The NZRRP website lets members of the public see who is qualified and whether they have kept their qualifications current to industry standards. NZRRP was designed to recognise the value of qualified sport and recreation professionals, and protect the public from those providers who do not hold relevant qualifications. Once you become a registered assessor, you will be registered on NZRRP.