Many people find their passion for sport and recreation through the skills, knowledge and experience gained at schools and tertiary providers. We work with schools and providers to help them deliver quality programmes that make a real impact on our people.

My toolbox

Your Pathway 

Explore the range of exciting careers available in the sport and recreation industries with Tou Aratika - our digital career mapping tool. 

Resource catalogue

You can find integrated resource packages, which have already been pre-assessment moderated, in our handy resource catalogue. We add new resources and update the catalogue regularly.

Youth awards

Our youth awards are industry-approved programmes that foster connections between schools and employers, and build work-ready skills for young people.


NZRRP is an independent public register that recognises the qualifications and experience of  New Zealand's sport and recreation professionals. 


ActiveCV lets people manage and update their qualifications, achievements, log books and work experience. You can create a portfolio of qualifications, work history, goals and personal statements and keep it up to date with the click of a button.

Workforce planning tools 

Our workforce planning tools are designed to help people think about the future of their organisation, and guide them through a planning process to make sure they have the right workforce in place to meet their current and future goals.

Consent to assess

Apply for consent to assess any of the unit standards that we've developed. Check out the process here. 


If you're assessing our unit standards you'll need to participate in moderation to ensure consistent and fair assessment practices  that meet the national standard.

Provider programme approval

If you are interested in delivering your own programme of study that leads to a NZQA qualification you need to get your programme approved. We help with this. 

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Youth Awards