Changes to how we work together: Critical information for schools and providers

Important changes have taken place in how schools and tertiary education providers will get support with key processes: pre and post moderation, consent to assess, and programme endorsement.


What does this mean for schools and providers?

From 4 October 2021, Toi Mai has taken over developing, reviewing and moderating standards and qualifications, and helping education organisations with programme endorsement and consent to assess support. 

As required under the reform of vocational education, Skills Active has ceased to provide these services.

From now on schools and providers can send pre moderation applications, post moderation and consent to assess applications to Toi Mai at

Learn more about Toi Mai and get in touch:

Visit the Toi Mai website

Toi Mai contact details

Some things are not changing

After the transition date on 4 October, Skills Active will still work with schools and tertiary education providers!

You can still purchase learning and assessment resources from our Resource Catalogue and these will remain up to date.  

We will still work with schools to arrange work-based experience and assessment programmes, such as Gateway, and programmes covered by three-way Memorandums of Understanding between school, workplace and Skills Active

We will still arrange on-job training programmes for workplaces in the recreation, sport, exercise, snowsport and performing arts industries

We will continue to train and moderate industry assessors

We will still be a conduit for the flow of information between industry and educators.


The Ministry of Education has provided advice on the reform of vocational education and changes for schools.