How we work together

We're committed to working with you to support the development of the sport, recreation, exercise and performing arts professionals of the future.  Read on to find out how we work with schools and providers around New Zealand.For many people with a passion for recreation, sport or the performing arts, their career journey will start with you - whether that's through the skills, knowledge and experience they gain at school, or by building on their tertiary learning pathway. We're here to make sure that no matter what learning pathway someone takes, they'll get quality learning outcomes. 

What we do

We're the standard-setting body for the sport, recreation and performing arts industries. 

We work in partnership with employers, industry bodies and stakeholders to set the skill standards and relevant qualifications that our industries need, and we are responsible for monitoring the quality of training and assessment for these standards.

In practice, our standards are really called unit standards. They represent small chunks of competency-based learning, and describe what a learner needs to know or achieve to meet that standard.

Working with schools

Schools help kids to gain foundation knowledge, NCEA unit standards and transferable skills and experience. We are here to support that 100%.  We can help you out with a couple of things: 

First of all we've got some great youth programmes linked to the New Zealand Qualifications Framework, for you to deliver to your keen young people. We can help you get consent to assess these programmes in your school, and report the credits to NZQA.

We've also built some strong partnerships with industry employers and associations. Where you want to provide your kids with programmes of learning  that you can't deliver yourself, we'll help connect you with organisations that can, and put together an arrangement that works for you. 

Our team is passionate about working with schools and industry to create valuable school programmes and resources that can enrich a young person's learning experiences, and open the door to heaps of careers in sport, recreation and performing arts, and beyond!  

We've made sure that the programmes we build for you, and with industry, have the student at the heart.

Lots of young people who pick up the unit standards in our programmes will end up applying these real skills in the working world. Whether it's by getting a job in our industries and building their career through on-job qualifications or apprenticeships, or applying their skills in participation and leadership to other industries. 

All of our programmes link to further learning and career pathways for these guys. 

Some of our programmes

Working with providers 

Our qualification standards create the foundation for classroom learning you deliver to your students. We'll work with you to help you gain the consent to deliver and assess our qualifications in your unique setting.

We can provide you with assessment resources we've already prepared with industry, or you can develop your own resources. If it's the latter, we will need to check your resources before they are used. 

We're also an important part of your relationship with the New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA) when you're looking at getting approval for a programme of study - because we know the qualification requirements inside out.  

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If you've got any questions about how we can work together, get in touch with our Quality Solutions team via're here to help where we can and are keen to forge new partnerships with you.