We're excited to work with schools as they develop the future sport and recreation workforce. Our Gateway programme allows students to experience working in sport, recreation and the performing arts while they are still at secondary school - and gain NCEA credits in the process. 

We are working towards offering Gateway in workplaces across all of our industries. Currently, we offer students the opportunity to do pool lifeguard training through Gateway.

How Gateway works

The purpose of Gateway is to help schools provide senior students (years 11–13) with opportunities to access structured workplace learning that has:

A formalised learning arrangement set in the workplace
Specified knowledge and skills that a student will attain
Specified assessment methods (workplace learning).

For more information about current initiatives available to support transitions from school to further learning, check out the Youth Guarantee website


Benefits of Gateway: 

  • Students gain practical skills that prepare them for the workforce 
  • Students get a taste of what it's like to work in the sport and recreation industry 
  • Students can earn unit standards through doing Gateway 
  • Employers build relationships with potential future employees.

Pool Lifeguard Gateway

We've set up things from our end so you can connect your students into pool lifeguarding Gateway opportunities. If you have a student who is interested in this option, you will need to approach a local aquatics facility to see if there is a placement opportunity available. The facility's Skills Active lifeguard assessor will need to be involved in this process. 


To enrol into the programme you'll need to fill out an enrolment form and send it back to us. 

We're keen to hear from you

We're keen to help forge partnerships between schools and workplaces. If you're interested in exploring some new opportunities with us, please get in touch! 

P   0508 4 SKILLS (0508 475 4557)