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I want to use some of your unit standards with my students, but the school doesn’t have accreditation to assess them. What do I have to do?

Click here for more information on the Consent to Assess process.


I want to use some Level 3 and 4 units with my outdoor education students - how do I do this?


You need to look at our Consent and Moderation Requirements (CMR), and ascertain whether the staff who will be assessing these units have the appropriate skills and qualifications to do so.


How do I find CMR 0099?


The easiest way is to access the NZQA website and in the search box, enter the ID for unit standard ID for which you are intending to seek accreditation. The subsequent window allows you to open both the unit standard and/or the CMR. Scroll past the unit standard ID to find the CMR link to download.


What qualifications do I need in order to assess tramping, caving, canoeing-kayaking, mountain craft, or rock climbing unit standards, at Level 3 or above? 

The assessors need to be able to provide evidence of current competency to ensure safety is managed to a standard that reflects current industry practice.


We have heard that it is difficult for the school to gain accreditation for some Level 4 units. Is this correct?

It would be unusual for Skills Active to provide a letter of support to a school for Level 4 and above units, because the units are too high a level for school students and are written for people employed in the workplace.


How long will it take for our school to get accredited once the application is sent in to Skills Active?


This depends on the level of the application, and whether you have submitted sufficient evidence.

If the school is applying for Levels 1 and 2 only, a Letter of Support will be sent to you within three weeks, whereas at Levels 3 and above, an application can take up to six weeks. The school then needs to apply to NZQA and send in our letter with its application. NZQA could take up to three months to update the  school’s accreditation scope.

If your application involves unit standards at Level 3 and above, the documentation will need to be analysed by Skills Active and a report will be generated. CMR 0099 stipulates a site visit for Level 3 and above, and this will need to be arranged; therefore the Skills Active process could take up to three months.


How much does extending our school's accreditation cost?


 Skills Active makes no charge for Level 1 and 2 applications. Where documentation analysis is involved, there is a flat fee, and you can find the details in the application form. When a site visit is required, the school will be charged actual and reasonable expenses for travel and time taken to carry out the site visit and write up the site visit report.


I can’t find any assessment material on your website for unit standard XXX?


Skills Active now offers its resources for schools to purchase through our resource catalogue



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