Step 2: You do the training with your workplace

Your workplace makes an agreement with Skills Active to deliver our qualification to you, and often to their other staff as well. This agreement outlines the support they are expected to provide you as a learner.  

You'll then sign a training agreement with Skills Active, and you become a trainee as your workplace training formally kicks off! While there will be a lot of things you learn while doing your role day-to-day, completing your qualification may involve different types of learning, including: 

On-job learning

Where your supervisor or other staff will teach and guide you through your work tasks. 

Self-directed learning

Where you use Skills Active learning material, material from your own workplace, and other information sources like the internet, library, technical manuals, and conversations with other people from the industry, to gain knowledge and skills. 

Attending workshops and training sessions

At your workplace or run by other organisations (like a first aid provider, for example).  

Your workplace will provide you with resources from Skills Active that will help guide you through the modules that make up your qualification.  

As you become confident in your new skills, you will begin to complete your assessments. 

Step 3: Undertake assessment tasks