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Our learning support is here to make your on-job qualification experience smooth and positive. Getting the foundations right is key to your success, and these tools are here to support you!Our regional advisors

Skills Active learning support advisors are based throughout New Zealand. They are the connecting point between you, your workplace, your assessor and Skills Active.

Their role is to support staff who are undertaking qualifications by helping them identify and overcome barriers to completing their qualification, while helping the workplace to develop and implement good practice on-job training.

Providing advice on the qualifications that might be right for you is all in a day’s work. They also know all of our on-job training and assessment processes inside out.

Our learning support advisors often have a strong background in one or more of the industries we work with, but they are skilled across all of our qualifications and the industries Skills Active works with.

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Adult literacy, language and numeracy

Every job across our industries needs good literacy and numeracy skills.

Literacy and language skills are all about reading, writing, speaking, listening, understanding information technology, and problem-solving. Numeracy is pretty much maths. You need both literacy and numeracy skills to do your job effectively.

Think about the tasks that you have to do every day:

Understand workplace rules and procedures

Fill out forms, contracts and timesheets

Write reports

Read notices, instructions, timetables or job sheets

Work on a computer

Calibrate equipment.

How can we help with this?

We’re committed to helping ensure you have the skills you need to do your job well!

When you sign up to our qualifications, you can have your reading level checked before you start training, and, if necessary your numeracy skills too.

 We’ll help you to understand what the results mean, and discuss any support you may need.

Your employer will receive general information about literacy levels of employees in their workplace who have completed this assessment. This helps them get a picture of any general needs you might have.

Check out our employee  brochure for more information about how we can support you to enhance your literacy, language and numeracy skills.

Your learning support advisor will discuss the types of help that are available where you may need it.

Online learning

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