Online learning

With our online learning solutions, you can do your qualifications anywhere. Our assessment hub, Skills Activator, and our trainee portal are great ways to keep up to date with your training.Online assessment with SkillsActivator

About half of our trainees have an online component to their qualification! If you are completing one of our online qualifications, some or all of your assessments will take place through our interactive learning, resource and assessment platform, Skills Activator. 

How do online qualifications work?

With all of our qualifications, you will learn as you work, in real-life settings, picking up knowledge and skills with the help of your colleagues and managers.

With online qualifications, assessment activities will be carried out through our online platform. Look for the blue buttons on our qualification pages:

Partly online

Partly online-assessed qualification

Online v2

Online-assessed qualification

Online-assessed qualification

You will complete assessment tasks showing your practical skills and knowledge, and upload the evidence for those tasks using Skills Activator. You may also use Skills Activator to complete written assessment tasks.

Partly online-assessed qualification

You will complete some assessments through in-person or paper-based tasks, and you will also use Skills Activator to upload evidence and/or complete written tasks.

Skills Active trainee portal

When you have signed up to a qualification, you can login to your trainee portal to access information about your training, track your progress and receive support.

Trainee portal video guide

Your portal also has your Step Up Guide - which has everything you need to know about getting started - plus other cool resources that you'll find useful as you go through your qualification!

Learning support

  • Learning support advisors
  • Adult literacy, language and numeracy

Digital resources

  • ActiveCV