About industry training

Industry training is like learning to play a sport. The best way to learn is to get onto the field! Players pick up skills by playing the game, learning from their team, and getting support from coaches and managers as they develop their abilities.   

In your workplace, it's the managers, supervisors and senior staff who drive the development of the skill base for the business, by showing staff what they need to know and the right way to do things, as they work together on the job. 


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How it works

Step 1: Connect with Skills Active

Step 2: Set up and deliver the training

Step 3: Undertake the assessment

What is industry training

In a nutshell, industry training is about aligning your workplace-based training to New Zealand standards.  

The government funds organisations like ours to work with industry to determine workforce skill standards, and translate these into qualifications registered with the NZQA. 

By having national standards for the knowledge and skills that people need to work in our industries, we can be confident that sport and recreation businesses are in safe hands. You can rest assured that your staff will do their jobs well, and that you'll deliver consistent services to your customers.

Industry leaders and experts play a massive part in putting together the qualifications with us, and making sure they're fit for purpose. 

We collaborate with a whole bunch of employers and organisations to develop and review New Zealand's qualifications, and work out how to apply and assess the qualifications in a workplace setting.  

Our expertise is in partnering with you, to align your workplace-based training to these qualifications. Through this work, we help you to grow your businesses and empower you and your team to step up, so you can best serve the people who matter most: your customers.

Industry training gives staff practical skills and competencies that are directly applicable to the work they do. 

Why do it?

There are many benefits to partnering with us to qualify your staff

On-job qualifications provide authentic and natural pathways to strengthen your workforce skills and capabilities, step up your quality of delivery, and flourish as a business

We have the right tools, expertise and industry links to help you maximise the potential that exists within your business

Our customised pathways to getting qualified, combined with your training expertise, will produce the best graduates for your workplace in the most cost-effective way

Together we can make sure you have the structure and certainty you need to help your people, organisation and community grow strong and flourish.

What's involved?

We will work kanohi ki te kanohi (face-to-face) with your business to understand what you need. We will create a customised strategy for your organisation to embed qualifications into the training you do, and together we'll execute this in an affordable way.

There's a good chance your training already meets the national standard! But if it doesn't, we're here to help fill the gaps in a way that's meaningful to you, your staff and your customers.

A big part of embedding qualifications into your training is setting up the on-job assessment. It's how you'll know that your staff have gained the skills and knowledge needed to meet New Zealand standards. 

On-job assessment provides opportunities for trainees to demonstrate and/or gather evidence about what they have done, and then present this in a way that shows their ongoing learning, progress and competence.

Our team is filled with people who are passionate about delivering high-quality assessment, moderation and support systems, that empower you to deliver quality in-house training that works for you. 

Getting the assessment process right means having good structures and systems in place before, during and after the assessment. You can find out more about assessment in Step 3, here. 

What does it cost?

Government funding helps to make it really affordable for workplaces to take part in industry training, compared to getting qualified through an external provider. 

There is a minimal registration fee associated with signing an employee up to a qualification. The other costs workplaces and employees face are related to assessment. These costs vary depending on whether you're doing the assessment in-house or contracting someone in, the level of the qualification, and whether it involves anything additional like workshops or off-job learning. 

Their stories

What support will we have?

Workforce support

  • Learning support advisors
  • Mentoring
  • Adult literacy, language and numeracy

Online learning

  • SkillsActivator
  • Skills Active workplace portal

Digital resources

  • Workforce planning tools 
  • ActiveCV

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