Step 1: Connect with Skills Active

Your first step should be to identify your current  workforce skill and capability needs, and how these may change in the future. Together, we can then figure out which qualifications are right for your workplace.  

We've got a wide range of qualifications to suit most roles and levels in the sport, recreation and performing arts industries.  We'll sit down with you to understand what you need and create a customised strategy for qualifying your staff. 

Our regional advisors can arrange a time to chat with you about your industry training options.  We also have a set of handy workforce planning tools that are free to use and can help you plan for your future workforce needs.  

Having good engagement and support from key managers and supervisors in the workplace is vital to ensuring your staff are successful in getting qualified. 

So, it’s important that you’ve got a good group of people who are keen and committed to embedding the qualification framework into your training.   

Step 2: Set up and deliver the training