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We work with industry to develop New Zealand’s qualifications and apprenticeships for people working in the sport and community recreation, exercise, performing arts, snowsport, dive and outdoor recreation industries.


All of our qualifications are listed on the New Zealand Qualifications Framework. While some of our qualifications can be done in a classroom setting, most of our qualifications are hands-on, and are designed to be achieved by people actively working in their roles.. 

Structured on-the-job learning is one of the most effective ways to build staff capability and engagement, and can have a real impact on the quality of services provided by organisations. 

We’re passionate about working face-to-face with you to empower you to deliver in-house training that aligns to the framework

The beauty of our industries is that sport, recreation and performing arts workplaces are all ideal places to complete on-job training and qualifications! 

We've worked with industry to develop a wide range of exciting, hands-on qualifications and apprenticeships.  

Scroll down to explore your options, and discover the qualifications that suit where your business is going and what your people need to thrive.  Get in touch with one of our regional advisors, who can help you put together a customised strategy for your organisation. 

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For pool lifeguards, swim teachers, or aquafitness instructors.


Work in a gym, train individuals or groups, or start your own business in the exercise industry.


For people who are interested in sport officiating, coaching or leadership.

Outdoor Recreation

For guides, leaders or instructors in the outdoors. 


From instructors to technicians, newbies to alpine experts.

Performing Arts

For people working in entertainment and event operations, entertainment technology and performing arts instruction

Community Recreation

For people interested in programme and event management and working in parks and open spaces.

Multi-industry and Māori

For people interested in te ao Māori, industry induction, or upskilling in administration, management or education.


For people keen to set themselves up for the future. Explore the apprenticeship options we have available.