Digital resources

These digital resources are here to add value to your staff development processes.Tailored for our industries and their needs, these tools have been developed with industry - for you.

Workforce planning tools 

Our workforce planning tools are designed to help you think about the future of your organisation, and guide you through a planning process to make sure you have the right workforce in place to meet your current and future goals.  



ActiveCV lets your staff manage and update their qualifications, achievements, log books and work experience. It lets individuals create a portfolio of qualifications, work history, goals and personal statements that they can keep up to date with the click of a button.  

Employers can create a workplace account and link staff to it, to manage their qualification and currency requirements. 

We’re always doing a whole bunch of developments with ActiveCV to make sure it does what you need it to. So, come check it out.   


The New Zealand Register of Recreation Professionals is an independent public register which recognises the qualifications and experience of a number of sport and recreation professionals in New Zealand. From guides to lifeguards, instructors to assessors, and more.  

The NZRRP website lets members of the public see who is qualified and whether they have kept their qualifications current to industry standards.

For employers, NZRRP is the quick and easy way to see, monitor and manage the credentials of paid and unpaid staff, and showcase the credentials of their staff publicly. 

The register can help meet health and safety requirements and give existing and prospective clients confidence.  

Did you know: ActiveCV and NZRRP work together. So, getting your staff to keep their ActiveCV account up to date will automatically update their information on NZRRP. 

Workforce support

  • Learning support advisors
  • Mentoring
  • Adult literacy, language and numeracy

Online learning

  • SkillsActivator
  • Skills Active workplace portal