Step 3: Future workforce requirements

So, you have identified your vision and business goals and have a profile of your current workforce. Now is the time to think about the workforce you will need to help you achieve your goals. Does your current workforce have all the skills, capability and capacity to help you achieve your future plans, or will you need to make some changes?

What does your future workforce look like?

What skills will we need? What is our ideal capacity, where are our skills shortages, and what are our workforce challenges?

What is changing for us and what are our risk areas? (Refer to Steps 1 and 2.)

What skills will my staff need, to adapt to the environmental changes we have identified?

What future job roles will be undertaken?

What are the skills and competencies that we will require of all our staff?

What are our priority areas for development?

What are the skills and competencies that we will require of our leaders, technical experts and support staff?

Workforce capabilities

When thinking about workforce skills, it can be helpful to break this down into core capabilities across the organisation, functions across the different areas of the organisation, and skills required in the various roles.

The diagram below outlines some questions that will help you identify your future workforce skill needs:


Workforce Skills

Workforce Skills

Step 2: Current workforce profile

Identifying the capacity and capability of your current workforce to meet your business goals.

Step 4: Gap analysis, workforce plan and training needs

Identifying any gaps and using this information to guide the development of your workforce strategy. 

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