Channelling a feeling for fitness into a professional exercise career

May 18, 2020

At Peak Fitness gym in Hawke’s Bay, Neil Wagstaff has carefully built a team that reflects the philosophy and the principles behind his business.

In a brand new video from Skills Active, Neil explains how he has supported his staff to upskill and progress their exercise careers, through on-job qualifications.

Also in the video, Peak Fitness trainers Carlos Kumeroa and Rachael Burt describe how they got to where they are now, by first discovering a passion for exercise as gym members themselves.

With the support of Neil, a Skills Active graduate himself and now a registered assessor, Carlos and Rachael have both since completed a number of on-job qualifications. This has helped them develop their professional practice and expand their skills.

“The qualifications that we’ve been very fortunate to work with, through Skills Active, have really allowed us to develop a great team here. Without those qualifications, we would have struggled to recruit,” says Neil.

“It’s allowed us to recruit people from within our community, and people who have got similar beliefs and philosophies as us. And it’s allowed us to get them up to speed qualification-wise, and then do the jobs they enjoy doing,” he says.

For the full story on Peak Fitness, check out the video.


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