Earning, learning and empowering young women: A new video from Skills Active Aotearoa

January 28, 2019

Olivia Rundle’s work is all about creating physical activity opportunities for young women aged 12 to 20.

As such, it gave her the perfect opportunity to pursue a sport and recreation qualification through Skills Active Aotearoa.

In a newly released video, Olivia talks about her job at Shift Wellington, and how she completed her National Certificate in Sport and Recreation (Level 4) through Skills Active, the industry training organisation for community recreation.

Shift is an organisation that facilitates physical activity and recreation for girls and young women, with a focus on empowerment, confidence and wellbeing.

This involves delivering sport, recreation and exercise, managing events, leading groups, and engaging with the community – all key skill areas covered by Olivia’s qualification.

Olivia was a Shift participant before she was offered a spot on the Shift team when she finished high school. Going straight into the working world, Olivia says, was the right choice for her – especially because she was able to gain a qualification, while also working and earning an income.

“My Mum went to Whitireia Polytech and Dad went straight into an apprenticeship, so it wasn’t [seen as] necessary for me to go to university. We are a really close family so whatever I want to do, they are totally supportive of it.”

To hear Olivia’s story in her own words, and see her in action with her Shift participants, check out the video!


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About Skills Active

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