Making industry training part of the national conversation on NCEA

August 30, 2018

Skills Active is gathering feedback from its industry partners in sport, recreation, aquatics, exercise, performing arts and snowsport, in order to contribute to the national conversation on NCEA.

Workplaces that take part in industry training are making skills and knowledge a priority for themselves and their staff.

We’re going straight to the source to find out what these guys look for when they are hiring young people, what they need from the NCEA system, and how it could work better for all parties.

We are collecting information via a survey of our key partners – bodies that represent the employers and organisations in our industries.

We are also hosting an online discussion which is open to all. So if you would like to take part in the NCEA conversation, through the lens of workforce development and industry training, for New Zealand’s active industries, hit us up! You can find the discussion group here.

The feedback we collect will be used to prepare a submission to the NCEA Review, ahead of the government’s deadline in October.

We will close off our feedback process on 21 September, so be sure to get in touch soon and be part of our conversation.