Personal trainer helping her clients to relish the challenges

August 21, 2019

Shanae Yates is a newly qualified Skills Active graduate who doesn’t know the word “can’t”.

Shanae completed her Skills Active National Certificate in Fitness (Exercise Consultant) (Level 3) in May. She is now starting to grow her personal training business, based out of the Marlborough Lines Stadium 2000 Gym in Blenheim.

Exercise has been a big part of Shanae’s life since her teenage years, when she first became a regular in the gym for rehabilitation and strength training to help with her cerebral palsy.

“As a teenager having cerebral palsy, it was very tough. Fitness began to help me grow and help me to accept my condition. It started being a daily thing; in fact I would want to go twice a day sometimes to help me cope.”

Shanae wants to motivate others to get in touch with that same passion for exercise.

“I love fitness and I love helping people and watching people and seeing how far they come.”

Asked if there were challenges in completing the Skills Active qualification, Shanae says definitely.

“At first I was thinking, What am I doing!? I really wanted this, but I’ve never studied or paid attention in school.

“But I’m the type of person that, when I make myself a goal, I’m that determined to follow through.”

Shanae says there were a lot of amazing people who got behind her. She credits her husband-to-be and her close friend with keeping her on track and providing encouragement when she needed it.

She was also supported by her mentor Catherine Buckingham, the team at CCS Disability Action Blenheim, her assessor Vanessa Somerville, and her Skills Active learning support advisor Denise Clarke.

Shanae says she has had to be determined in order to overcome the challenges she’s had in her life, so it’s part of who she is.

And that inner strength and follow-through that enabled her to dig deep and finish her qualification, is also something that she can draw on and offer to her personal training clients.

“Challenge or not, you can do it,” she says firmly. “You don’t say you can’t.”


Pictured: Shanae, at front, with learning support advisor Denise Clarke, mentor Catherine Buckingham and assessor Vanessa Somerville, from left to right at back.