Seven reasons to volunteer in sport and recreation

June 22, 2017

It’s National Volunteer Week. Here at Skills Active we want to say a big thank to all the wonderful sport, recreation and performing arts volunteers who help New Zealanders stay healthy, happy and entertained.

If you have thought about volunteering, but you’re not sure, read on and let us convince you that it’s one of the best decisions you’ll ever make…

Because you love your chosen discipline

You’re in this because of passion. Whether it’s rugby or yoga, community theatre or Scouts, you got involved because it makes life better and more fun. And now you’re taking the next step and sharing that passion with others.

Because it’s great experience that develops you and builds your skills

Volunteering is defined as unpaid work, but another way to look at it is free learning. It’s a chance to enrich yourself and push your boundaries. Volunteers have the benefit of working with incredible organisations and employers, who will often mentor and train them in skills they want to learn, and even help them get national qualifications, so that they can use their talents to help others.

Because you will be making a difference

Which brings us to our next point – as a volunteer, you are providing an incredible service to your community. Everyone benefits when we all have access to physical activity, the arts and the outdoors. It helps us to be fit and well, broaden our horizons, and feel good. The work you will do as a volunteer is truly priceless.

Because you’ll meet people

Sport and recreation volunteers and participants are great to hang out with. If you’ve never volunteered before, start today and meet a whole bunch of fun, passionate, keen people, who share your interests. Who knows where it might lead?

Because you can get fit and healthy while helping others to do the same

Volunteering in sport, recreation and performing arts is an efficient way to get your activity fix and your “doing good stuff” fix, at the same time. And when you’ve made a commitment to others, that’s a powerful motivator to keep turning up and putting in the work.

Because employers love volunteers

Volunteer work looks great on your CV. It shows you are well-rounded, a team player, and can handle responsibility. You might be new to the workforce and looking for an edge in the job hunt. Or maybe you’ve been working for awhile but you’d like to keep your skills fresh. Whatever your reasons, volunteering gives you a chance to shine, and employers will notice.

Because you are needed!

If sport, recreation and performing arts in New Zealand is a machine, volunteers are the oil that keep that machine running. When you are a volunteer, others are relying on you. Your time, skill and effort are more valuable than you know. Any don’t forget, anyone can volunteer – you might be the coach, the usher, the track maintainer, or the person who cuts up the orange slices. New Zealand communities would be lost without their volunteers. So start volunteering today!

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