Sharing in the fruits of industry training success

November 19, 2018

As the industry training organisation for sport, recreation and the performing arts, Skills Active is in the business of supporting workplaces to get staff qualified to consistent standards. But it can’t do this job by itself.

“Assessors are the cornerstone of a skilled workforce,” says Jeremy Busby, Skills Active quality advisor and assessor liaison. “They play a key role in supporting learners and maintaining the quality of our qualifications.”

Jeremy (pictured above - go Crusaders!) started out as a primary school teacher before moving into adult education, with a focus on job skills for the long-term unemployed, and then literacy and numeracy. He has been with Skills Active for 18 months in a moderator role and recently stepped up to take on the position of assessor liaison – a role dedicated to working with the 600-strong crew of registered Skills Active assessors.

Skills Active’s assessor pool includes workplace assessors, who are responsible for the assessment workload within their own organisation, and ‘roving assessors’, who are out and about providing assessment services for other organisations.

Jeremy helps new assessors navigate the registration process, does training, facilitates workshops and forums, and is always available at the other end of the phone for guidance, advice and curly questions.

He also continues to do moderation. This is the work of ensuring assessors are making sound decisions, consistent with the qualification requirements and unit standards.

Assessors are one of Skills Active’s most prized assets, Jeremy says.

“An ITO is all about supporting workplaces to improve the skill set of their workforce. Part of that is recognising achievement where it exists, and recognising it formally with unit standards and qualifications. We cannot do that without someone making a judgment on our behalf that the trainee has reached a standard of competence.

“So our workplace assessors are very carefully chosen. They are effectively our eyes and ears at the workplace, telling us that this person is now at the point of being ready to be awarded a qualification.”

Jeremy says seeing learners succeed has been his chief motivation throughout his career.

“I love seeing our assessors helping trainees put into practice the skills they have gained through the opportunities they’ve been given. For myself and Skills Active and the workplace, it’s also an opportunity for us to share in that success and celebrate it, and to be energised by it.”