Skills Active and its trainees get top marks for 2018

August 2, 2019

Skills Active Aotearoa has topped the charts for 2018, when it comes to the number of learners completing their industry training programmes over a given timeframe.

In TEC’s newly released Educational Performance Indicators for ITOs in 2018, Skills Active has reported the highest cohort-based programme completion rate of any ITO. The cohort completion rate measures the number of learners in a starting cohort who complete a programme at the same level after a given timeframe.

Skills Active’s overall cohort completion rate was 77%, compared to an ITO average of 67%.

Skills Active had a first-year apprentice retention rate (meaning the proportion of apprentices still in their apprenticeships after the first year) of 84%, compared to an ITO average of 76%.

And the credit achievement rate (the number of credits achieved as a proportion of total expected credits), was 79%, compared to an ITO average of 76%.

Chief executive Dr Grant Davidson says the results reflect a lot of hard work and commitment from everyone in the organisation.

“We have a motivated team here, and we see real value in the work we do to help our trainees improve their careers, and our workplaces grow their businesses.”

Dr Davidson says one area for improvement for Skills Active is its apprenticeship completion rate, “which is not as high as we’d like it to be”.

He notes that Skills Active’s industries – sport, recreation and performing arts – do not have a tradition of using apprenticeships as a means of staff training.

“Apprenticeships were first introduced five years ago in our industries, and the initial programmes were not well-suited to the make-up of the industry and the nature of its workforce.

“Since then we have been working hard, with our industry partners, to design fit-for-purpose programmes, and these are now being launched. They include apprenticeships in Specialist Swim Teaching, Entertainment and Event Technology and, very soon, Senior Pool Lifeguard.

“We are already seeing better uptake and more completions in these programmes. We’ll continue to strive ensure that all our learners, including our apprentices, have the support they need to excel in their qualifications and step up in their careers.”


Media contact for Skills Active

Esther McLaren

021 195 5127

About Skills Active

Skills Active Aotearoa is the industry training organisation for recreation, exercise, sport and performing arts. We are a non-profit organisation, 50% owned by Māori shareholders, and funded by government to promote careers and workforce development in our industries, work with those industries to create world-class qualifications, and support workplaces to train staff.